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Pairing : Zayn/Liam

Summary : Liam’s big. Like really big. He can’t help the fact that he taste so damn good, or that Zayn finds it positively irresistible.

Is anyone on here going to the Take Me Home stadium tour in Turin Italy 6/7/14?

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Anonymous asked:
"Why did you make a Zayn blog not a rec blog for all of them?"

Ah well, cause both me and Nicole have this weird total obsession over Zayn (we love all, just that we love Zayn a tiny bit more) so we decided to make a Zayn blog. And rather than a normal Zayn blog we made a rec Zayn blog :)
- Luana

Pairing : Zayn/Liam

Summary : Zayn and Liam are roommates. They hate each other. (Most of the time.)

Pairings : Zayn/Niall, side Louis/Harry Liam/Danielle

Warnings : Cheating

Summary : Four boys are finally in University. Some of them have secrets hidden in their hearts, others might meet someone they never expected to meet, others might hide others secrets while the rest trying to figure out the secrets.

Pairing : Zayn/Niall slight Niall/Harry and Zayn/Female

Warning : Major Character Death, Master/Slave relationship, Underage.

Summary : Niall is a slave, a pet, and a very beautiful one. Many rich guys want him and his Master can’t help but fear at the thought that someone might take Niall before he does.

Pairing : Zayn/Niall Niall/Josh

Summary : You could say that Zayn was the reason Niall’s childhood was so messed up

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Pairing : Zayn/Niall

Summary : Zayn purposely makes the guys all over Niall to get him into a weak submissive state so Zayn can fuck him into oblivion.